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  • Projects: 100 Views of Silicon Valley
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  • poster 100 views of silicon valley
    100 Views of Silicon Valley

    This project came to be when my interests in urban sketching and gouache overlapped.

    I decided to create a series of small paintings all of which would be completed in one sitting and on location, and one hundred seemed like a nice number. Many of these were created from the same vantage point - but looking in different directions.

    Silicon Valley is changing very fast and this is my way of recording some of its views as I saw them during the spring and summer of 2018.

    I would like to thank all the people who supported this project both in person and online by suggesting, commenting, painting with me and keeping me excited about this adventure.

    You can see lots of photos taken in the process on Instagram under #100viewsofsiliconvalley

    If you have a suggestion, comment or would like to cheer me on - drop me a line at or find me on Instagram as ninaapplepine

    You can see them all if you click Next.

    Or read about the project on my blog:

    And you can purchase posters here: